The vineyard
La Vigne Cognac Decroix

Jean-François Decroix at work in his vineyard

Living Soil, the foundation of our work in the vineyard.

All the resources needed by the vines are present in nature. It is entirely up to the wine grower, the craftsman of his wine, to use these resources to reveal the unique qualities of the soil.
It is what Jean-Francois Decroix has practised on his vineyard since 1979.

The keyword for the way in which the vineyard is run is “autonomy”.
This means autonomy and independence of the vineyard with no reliance on external contributory sources. This is made possible thanks to additional crops produced from August to May which provide for the physiological needs of the vines throughout the year. Broad beans, peas, and oats feed the vines when they need it. The plentiful and rich life of the ground allows the sufficient and continuous supply of nourishment to the vines during their growing cycle from April till the end of October.

Bacteria, mushrooms and insects are also produced on the farm from plants or compost. All these additional elements, naturally present in our countryside, allow the ground to harness the resources to be self-sufficient and provide its own nutritional supply.
We multiply these micro-organisms as nature has been doing for thousands of years.

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The vineyard

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